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Our Mortgage Process

Once you select us to obtain your home loan, you'll be amazed at how quickly and simply the loan process moves. Before you know it, you'll have a mortgage that suits your lifestyle and saves you money.

Throughout the loan-application process, we provide you with regular updates. You can also e-mail us with questions or new information. And if you want assistance, a mortgage expert who can answer questions is just a phone call away. We are available 7 days a week!

Here's an overview of the loan-application process


A licensed Mortgage Consultant will discuss with you your mortgage needs. You will be provided, in writing, a Fee Worksheet that outlines all of the costs associated with your loan. We will complete a mortgage application as well as pre determine the lenders underwriting decision using an automated underwriting engine.


A mortgage application package will be provided to you via a secure electronic delivery. Included with the application package will be a personalized document checklist which will outline all of the necessary documentation necessary to validate the information within the application. You will submit the signed application and disclosures along with the supporting documentation by fax, scan & email or a complimentary paid overnight mail service to New England Residential Finance, LLC.


Your application package is received and a member of our Underwriting Team will prepare it for submission to the lender. Your property appraisal inspection will also be requested.


A response is received from the lender and a member of our Underwriting Team will immediately respond to you with any documentation that the lender is requiring to clear the file for a closing. At this stage our underwriting team will provide you with a mortgage commitment letter. If you're refinancing we will discuss with you a mortgage date at this time.


Our underwriting team will notify you and the closing attorney that the file is ready for closing. Your closing attorney will establish a mutually beneficial time for the closing. A closing can take place 48 hours after a clear to close is issued.

Simple, Straightforward, Cost Effective, and FAST!

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